按MDD的说法,CMMI 2.0评估,要在评估开始前60天到35天之间注册,注册好后填写项目信息,让评估系统CAS去选样,然后,还有ATM培训、准备就绪评审要做,这样看来,最好是提前60天注册,并打入项目信息选样,否则ATM培训和准备就绪评审时间就不够了。


In V2.0, the RGS represents a critical part of the data collection planning efforts for an appraisal. Per the Random Sample Generation Policy and the MDD, LAs may submit an OU scoping for review no more than 60 days and no fewer than 35 days from the Phase 2 start date of an appraisal. In addition, once the scoping is approved, the RGS must be generated and accepted at least 30 days before Phase 2 per MDD requirements. As the initial quality review of RGS requests may take up to five days, this has created issues with timing when LAs submit the sample close to the 35-day mark or do not respond to quality review feedback in a timely manner. In order to avoid these issues, we recommend that LAs submit RGS requests closer to the 60-day mark, promptly respond to and address quality review feedback, and ensure that the RGS is generated as soon as possible after the RGS request is approved. Submitting the RGS request with sufficient lead time is not only critical to ensuring that it meets timeline requirements as outlined in the RGS policy, but also it benefits the appraised organization’s data gathering and planning efforts as well as the LA’s plans for data collection during Phase 2.